Managing Directors

Nai Youngfellow & Gai SuwanNai Youngfellow & Gai Suwan

~ Nai Youngfellow & Gai Suwan ~

Meet CMP’s Managing Directors…

Chiang Mai Properties is owned by sisters Nai Youngfellow (left) and Gai Suwan (right). Nai and Gai were born and raised in Chiang Mai, giving them expert insight into the Northern property market, local regulations and Thai culture. Both are fully licensed realtors with executive level MBAs from Chiang Mai University.

Chanya Youngfellow (Nai)
Mobile: +66(0)89 7001368
Office: +66 (0)53 273363

Karnchanatach Suwan (Gai)
Mobile: +66(0)89 7002261
Office: +66 (0)53 273363