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    Excellent Condo Management
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    Superb Facilities Maintenance
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    Outstanding Onsite Supervision
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    The health of your condo community is important to us.

    CMP will actively work with residents with the idea that we are all partners in making the community and its processes mutually beneficial to ALL.

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    Our commitment to you…



Accounting and Budgeting


If not already established, CMP will employ a professional Accounting and Financial Management Team to monitor, oversee, and track all transactions affecting the property. This includes but is not limited to staff salaries, utilities, operating expenses, common area charges (CAM), security, land office and juristic fees, banking, and insurance.


…of equipment, systems and facilities including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, communication, septic, elevators, security, parking facilities and condominium grounds. CMP currently employs a trusted local company that provides this service at Galae Thong, Chiang Mai. Information and references concerning this company will be provided upon request.

Security Procedures

Access to the property will be regulated and guidelines established for installing and upgrading equipment for the monitoring and recording of visitors who come onto the property for business or social reasons. Emergency Response Procedures will be implemented for contacting the nearest local fire, medical, and police services for quick action if needed.


Including the scheduling and conducting of committee meetings, plus follow up on all ongoing projects. The Juristic Manager will provide copies of ALL laws, local and national, concerning Thailand Condo Associations in general, and also specific Condominium Rules & Regulations for the managed building. The Juristic Mgr. will also provide performance reports on staff from resident feedback.

CMP are a highly professional team and Nai a real joy to work with...–Committee Member, Karnkanok 5